My name is Natalia MacLean. I am the founder, owner, and a tattoo artist at Unique Tattoo Studio. I was born in Moscow, in the cultural centre of Russia. Whole my life, I have been surrounded with different kinds of art which led me to be an artist. I am very glad that here, in Canada, I can show my artistic ability through tattooing and other kinds of art and craft work. I am very glad that my job is also my hobby which makes me even more passionate and inspired with my work.

What makes me a UNIQUE tattoo artist? I do every style of tattooing: realistic, old school and neotraditional tattoos, portraits (color, and black and grey), Japanese, watercolor and acrylic style, linework and dotwork tattoos, traditional tribal and neotribal, Polynesian and Maori, biomechanical, abstract, geometrical and sacred-geometry, cubism, expressionism, baroque, minimalism, primitivism, script and typography, sketch, surrealism, scientific illustration, comic book illustration. Also, I do a lot of Cover Ups ad Redo old and bad looking tattoos, and Scars Cover Ups. It is a very responsible work for me to replace the old, ugly, or silly tattoos (that my clients got in their past) with high quality artwork to make people happy.

Another important part of my tattoo work is permanent makeup. A lot of women would like to make themselves more beautiful and sexy; or, they don't have enough time because of their busy life; or, getting older, they can't wear makeup properly... So, I help all of them doing permanent eyebrows, eyeliners, lips outlining and coloring.

My mission as a tattoo artist is to improve the tattoo industry by providing creative custom design and high quality tattoos.